Nursing jobs in Germany via TraWoX - employment service for foreign health specialists

TraWoX is a brand of MultiKultur International Exchange Programs e.K., based in Cologne, Germany. 
We are one of the first private employment agencies in Germany and have been placing young people in Germany and around the world since 1994. We run websites like, and and supported more than a million customers so far.

Simplifying immigration for skilled workers

In February 2020, the German government decided to pass a law on immigration making it more simple for skilled workers to enter the country. Germany needs several thousand of workers especially in health care. The new law will simplify immigration to Germany opening a new opportunity for staff around the world. 
As an international employment agency, we have well-organised processes and excellent partner agencies all over the world with several years of experience. With our expertise in recruitment, we introduce qualified workers to the German labour market.