Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I work as a nurse in Germany?
In Germany, anyone who wants to become a nurse requires a licence. For German authorities to recognize your professional qualification, you often need to attend a course to bring your language and professional skills in line with the requirements.
How do I become a registered nurse in Germany?
To become a registered nurse in Germany, you need to complete a professional training which takes 3 years. If you’re already trained as a nurse in your home country, the state of Germany can recognize your qualification. The requirements are good German language skills (at least level B1) and a training equivalent to the German one.
How many hours do nurses work in Germany?
Nurses in Germany usually work 38-40 hours per week which involves 7-9 hour shifts. In most cases, they will also have shifts during the night or on the weekend and on holidays but not more than 5 days a week.
How much does a nurse in Germany earn?
During the 3 years of training, the payment is between 1,040-1,200 € per month before taxes. Fully qualified nurses earn around 2,000-3,000 € gross. The exact number depends on the working field, the employer and the work experience.
Can I register on even if I don’t speak German?
Yes, you can! If you are a certified nurse, or you already work in the healthcare field, you just need to be ready to start studying German. Your goal will be to reach a B1 or B2 level in approximately one year. During this time, we will have found a suitable job for you and you can move to Germany right away.
Can I register on if I haven’t completed my training yet?
Yes, you can! You can create a profile on about one year before completing your studies as a nurse in your home country. During this year, you will have the time to study German and to get a B1 level. Right before getting the diploma, will have found a suitable job for you in Germany.
I’ve started the nurse training in my home country. Can I continue my studies in Germany?
You should complete your studies in your home country. After finishing the training and having moved to Germany, you’ll probably have to do additional exams to become a certified nurse in Germany as well. We will help you throughout this latter process!