Working in Germany

Germany is one of the most popular countries in Europe when it comes to labor migration. Working in Germany offers several benefits: working conditions, relatively high salaries and a high standard of living attract many people. Germany has a strong economy.
During the last 75 years, people in Germany have been living in peace. Today, Germany is one of the 20 safest countries in the world. The Federal Republic of Germany also pleads for stability and peaceful cooperative relations in Europe and worldwide. After the foundation of the European Union, it has become one of the leading forces of the old continent. 
If you’re not sure if moving to Germany is for you, continue reading and find out facts and information about Germany.
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Why working in Germany?

Germany is beyond any doubt one of the primary economic powers of the world. Its strong economy and efficient social system guarantee safety and high quality of life to its citizens. The rate of unemployment is really low compared to the European average. Efficiant work, accuracy, punctuality are attributes, which are highly appreciated in Germany.

Wages and insurance

In Germany, the average monthly income of a qualified nurse is about 2.700 € gross. Besides this, Germany has a statutory insurance fund involving a long-term care insurance fund; a pension insurance fund; an accident insurance fund and an unemployment insurance fund. The whole system is called Sozialversicherung and supports people in need.

The majority of the population is insured by the public health care insurance which covers visits at the doctor, hospitalization and many other services. People with higher incomes can choose a private insurance plan under other conditions. This provides a top health care system, affordable to everyone, that guarantees enough services even to the most vulnerable ones in the population.

Employment rights and social benefits

Employees can count on an efficient rights system in Germany. First of all, the minimum number of paid days of vacation is 20 office days per year for a five days working week. People who are sick are entitled to be paid their full salary for the first six weeks of illness, extendable if needed. After the six weeks, employees are covered by the insurance benefits, receiving 70% of the normal salary for 78 weeks.
Germany offers generous benefits for families and new parents, too. Pregnant women get a paid maternity leave for more than a year and it’s their right to stay at home for the last six weeks of pregnancy unless they want to work. The same thing is valid for the eight weeks after the childbirth. New mothers and fathers can split a paid leave between them over a period of 14 months. And on top of that, the state will pay you money for the wellbeing of your children, until they turn 18, the so-called Kindergeld.

Tired? Holidays!

If work sometimes can be overloaded, don’t worry. When working in Germany, you are entitled to at least 20 days of paid vacation per year, in addition to 13 Bank Holidays. This guarantees a good balance between duty and relaxation.

Why living in Germany?

When it comes to living abroad, it’s very important to find a good balance between work and life. Germany has much more to offer indeed and by moving to Germany you will embrace a new and diverse way of living that you will surely learn to appreciate.

Germany: a natural beauty

Germany is among the 10 most visited countries in the world and this shouldn’t be a surprise. Thanks to its wide variety of landscapes and tourist attractions, Germany can be the perfect destination for people with very different tastes. Whether you are a mountain lover, or prefer to wander through forests and get lost among forgotten paths, whether you can’t live without the sea but you get uncomfortable in hot weather, Germany will fascinate you no matter what. From the Alps in the South to the sandy beaches in the North, along the rivers (the Rhine, Danube or Elbe) and the numerous national parks, Germany can offer various landscapes in almost 400.000 km2 extension. Even living in a big city like Berlin, Munich or Hamburg wouldn’t be a limit thanks to the extremely efficient transportation system which will get you everywhere.

An efficient public transport system

Germany is really well connected: from the East to the West, from the Nord to the South, you can get to the other side of the country in just a few hours.
According to where you live, you may find the U-Bahn, the underground rapid transit, the S-Bahn, railways in the city centre, and the Straßenbahn, which guarantee valid and efficient connections everywhere in the city and between cities. One thing is for sure: you don’t have to worry about commuting because you can completely rely on the German transport system.

Germany is quite affordable 

Alongside the good working opportunities, with which you can aim to a high-quality life, Germany is a pretty cheap country to live in. The cost of living, depending on one’s personal style, is really reasonable when compared to the average salary and to other European countries.

Christmas Markets

If you love Christmas and its magic atmosphere, Germany is definitely the right place for you. From late November till end December, every German city becomes a wonderland thanks to the beautiful Christmas markets. Everyone gets ready to welcome the “warmest” time of the year and your days will be full of Glühwein, Christmas cookies and amazing cakes. Christmas markets are also the perfect place to find every kind of original and unique gift, thanks to the countless handicraft huts.

Friendly people and a cosmopolite atmosphere

German people are not known for their warmth and friendliness but most of the time stereotypes don’t match the truth. It’s incredibly easy to meet people and make friends in Germany. You will realise that after some reservation, many Germans are very friendly, open-hearted and helpful.
If you choose a big city to live in, you will never feel a stranger in Germany. The country welcomes very different ethnicities and nationalities which live together peacefully. The atmosphere is overall cosmopolite and colourful, making everyone feel welcomed and a real citizen of the world.

Enjoy your free time

Feierabend (end of the working day) is sacred for Germans. They love to enjoy their free time as much as possible, that’s why you will find a lot of activities to make the best out of it. Culturally speaking, Germany is a very active country: with its museums and exhibitions, Germany has a huge and endless cultural heritage that you can discover during your free time.
Germans love outdoor activities as well: They enjoy the sunny days outside doing sports and chilling. Moreover, it’s incredibly easy to get to know people with the same hobbies as yours: welcome to the wonderful world of social clubs! In Germany, they are very common and you can find a social club for every activity you could possibly imagine.

An environment-friendly country

Germany is really making efforts to protect the environment. As a citizen, you are encouraged to take the public transport system or to ride a bike. Although Germany is still called a "country of drivers", more and more people try to use their cars less frequently.
And recycling is quite a tradition: From the kindergarten on, children learn to separate their rubbish and to use water and electricity economically. Second-hand shops are to find everywhere. If you choose Germany, you choose an environment-friendly lifestyle!

Why learning German: a door opener for many countries

If you need more motivation to learn German, here it is: German is a very useful language, a door openers for many countries indeed. Learning German can be hard because it may differ from your mother tongue but that’s not a reason to step back. Once you will be able to express yourself in German, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, South Tyrol and Liechtenstein would open their doors. Considering the expansion of the German language, you should be highly motivated to learn this new foreign language and to immerse yourself even more in its wonderful culture.
We hope that these insights showed you what to expect from living and working in Germany!